Following the wash care guide is the best way to keep garments in good condition and lasting longer. We use a number of different fabrics which are all Performance Polyester based and the washing guides are the same.  We invest a great deal of time and effort sourcing the very best fabrics that are best suited to the demands of the working professional. Our fabrics tick the main 3 boxes - comfort, drape and durability.  Follow these 4 instructions:
  1. Wash at 40° on the "Easy care cycle"
  2. Do not bleach
  3. Do not tumble dry  
  4. If a garment has buttons, turn inside out prior to washing to protect the buttons.
When the wash cycle is complete, simply hang the garment neatly and the weight of the damp article will pull the creases out while drying. Depending on the style some parts of the garment may need a light iron press.  Only if absolutely necessary, iron gently on the reverse side to achieve the prefect crease free finish.  The temperature of the iron should be low (max sole plate temperature of 120 °C). Irreversible changes must be expected if you iron your garment incorrectly. Typically ironing will cause shine marks which cannot be removed.  
Stain Removal
Our garments are treated with a soil release finish which gives some protection to the garments, however no uniform is stain resistant.  Speed of treatment is essential so any stain should be treated as quickly as possible. For effective cleaning please ensure the drum is not be more than 2/3rds full. Apply a domestic stain remover such as Vanish Stain Removal Spray directly to the soiled area. Allow enough time for the stain remover to work itself into the stain (e.g. 10 minutes) and wash on a normal cycle. Repeat if necessary.  Different materials stain differently so you may need to try some tricks of the trade.  These can be found online at http://remove-stain.com/get-stains-out-polyester 

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