Opening Hours: 
  • 9am to 5pm Monday-Friday. 
  • Excludes Public & Bank holidays where the offices will be closed. Orders can still be placed online but will not be processed until the next business day. 

Ways to order: 
  • Web: www.inlinelondon.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 1483 514 820 
  • Email: info@inlinelondon.co.uk
  • Post: Inline London, The Stables, Crocknorth House, Crocknorth Road, east Horsley, Surrey, KT24 5TG

Ordering and delivery varies from country to country.  Please contact our offices to find out more information. Please note.  
  • Full payment is required before despatch 
  • All import duties and taxes are payable by the recipient (you the customer).  If any surcharges apply, they are realised at the time when the goods arrive at Customs & Excise for the host country and the authorities should communicate with you directly.

Different colleges have different requirements.  Uniform styles, colours, prices and delivery options vary from college to college and from department to department.  For this reason students are given a unique login code (or membership number).  You need to first register your account online using this code.  This will allow you to order the correct style at the correct price.  Your first order is called the "Starter Pack".  This is the compulsory uniform stipulated by the college.  If you wish to buy more items (Top Up's) then you will be able to do so once you have ordered your "Starter Pack".  Once registered the website will always link your account to your College Code so you will be able to order Top Up's as often as is required and at the correct discounted price.  Please register correctly following these instructions : 
Step 1: Click on the green icon in the top right. Click on REGISTER.
Step 2: Register your Name, Email and most importantly your COLLEGE CODE and you unique personal PASSWORD
Step 3: Order your Starter Pack by selecting your size.  You will not be able to change the quantity field at this stage. You will need to purchase your Starter Pack before you are able to access the rest of the shop.
Step 4: Check Out and Pay