The newly opened Lanesborough Club & Spa offers a luxurious sanctuary of health and relaxation in a convenient central London location. 

Developed to suit those with high-pressure, busy lifestyles, it is a sanctuary for health and wellbeing.

The spa is one of London’s most exclusive private member fitness and health clubs, offering hotel guests and club members access to internationally 

recognised experts in the fields of fitness, beauty and wellness - with a 360° approach to wellbeing. 

                                      BESPOKE UNIFORM DESIGN

                                It was a great experience working with Neil Howard from 
                                Howard Spa Consulting and the team at the Lanesborough.
                                The brief - elegance and style - to reflect the gorgeous design 
                                 of the interior. Fluid performance crepe was an obvious choice 
                                  and charcoal had calm, neutral appeal. Debbie, wanted to have 
                                   a trim on the uniform and we sourced a pebble design jacquard 
                                    with a slight sheen to complement the look and placed this on the 
                                    neck and in the side vents for maximum impact. The sleeve formed 
                                   a perfect canvas for the logo, embroidered in a charcoal shade to
                                   form a shadow effect on the sleeve. 
                          BESPOKE MASSAGE COUCH COVERS

              In addition to the uniforms, we were commissioned to design 
        the massage couch covers for the treatment rooms. It was an exciting 
                  project, as we wanted to create something with different 
           textures, in keeping with the opulent design of the rooms, yet easy 
           for the staff to handle between treatments. We chose crepe for its 
             exceptional drape, suede for its wonderful texture and jacquard 
               fabric in a pebble design for the runners and bolster cushions.
               The large logo emblem was placed at the base of the couch, 
              so that when the clients walk into the rooms, they immediately 
                            catch sight of the  Lanesborough branding. 
                                                    DEBBIE LOWRY - A VERY TALENTED LADY  


Debbie brings over 25 years of experience to The Lanesborough. She has been instrumental in bringing new, innovative techniques and therapies to London, including the first oxygen facials and her signature 'Lowry' treatment concept to industry acclaim. She has previously received 'Top Facialist' accolades from publications such as Cosmopolitan, as well as previously showcasing her techniques on national television and in beauty magazines such as Marie Claire and Good Spa Guide. Working closely with our partner brands, Debbie has shaped the development of the exclusive La Prairie and ila treatments specifically for Lanesborough Club & Spa members, combining her passion for innovative beauty with an innate understanding of luxury.


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