The corporate branding of a company is vitally important and to enhance the image of your staff with a bespoke identity gives you a distinct edge over your competitors. 

Cavell Thomas, Founder and Creative Director of Inline London, has over 25 years of experience as a design consultant to some of the most prestigious companies in the 
Hospitality, Spa and Beauty Industries.
The creative team oversees all aspects of the process from the initial meeting, through to the design process, pattern development, sampling, manufacturing and delivery. 
Emphasis is placed on making the experience as pleasurable and as stress-free as possible and delivering the highest standard of quality workmanship possible. 
Cavell has extensive knowledge of performance fabrics and has worked closely with local and international mills that use cutting edge technology and special finishes, to deliver fabrics that 
perform to the highest possible standard in the workwear industry. Inline garments are built to last and deliver not only exceptional style, but great value for money. 

Says Cavell Thomas, "It is very satisfying to see a garment come to life from a sketch and even more satisfying to have a delighted customer at the 
end of the process. More than half of our business is by word of mouth, which is testament to our quality and the level of service we provide.” 

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